Our child centered approach to learning, focusing on nurturing and stable relationships, begins in our Infant classrooms and continues through Kindergarten. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and is designed to meet each child’s individual needs.


5534 Pulaski Street.
(Chelten & Pulaski)


Olde City Day School Germantown is located in the Flying Horse Center at 5534 Pulaski Street. The closest cross streets are Pulaski and Chenten Aves. Built in 1926, the two-story elevator building boasts high ceilings, lots of natural light, vast flexible space, an Art Deco façade and a beautifully restored brick and stucco façade.
The building gets its name from the ‘Flying Horse Garage’, a business that once housed an automotive sales office and repair garage. This property is both award-winning & a leading example of industrial reuse in Philadelphia. Today, it is one of Germantown’s most important buildings; a tipping point for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the community alike. This property is recognized as a leading example of industrial reuse in Philadelphia and is an inspiration for development projects in Germantown. The project was recognized along side leading firms, not only locally, but around the country.
OCDS is happy to be part of the transformation of an obsolete parking garage into what has now become an educational and office building. This property pays homage to the industrial past and provides a vision for a new industrial and urban renaissance. The 52,650 sq.ft. building has been renovated to convert it into a two-story modern building with 28 secure indoor parking spaces and 62 exterior plus an elevator with main entrance lobby making pickup and drop off a breeze. 
Located in the center of Historic Germantown within walking distance to numerous shops, restaurants and service establishments. Easily and directly accessible to the SEPTA R8 Commuter Rail Service and the commuter Bus Service at the Chelten Avenue Station.  With easy access to the Schuylkill Expressway (1-76), the Roosevelt Expressway (Route 1), Wissahickon Avenue and Lincoln Drive.


  • Specials Include: Yoga, Naure Jack, Music Enrichment
  • Internship partnership with Mastery Charter School
  • Before/After School Care
  • Keystone STARS-2 Certified
  • On-site Kitchen that prepares hot and helathy lunches
  • Secure Online Cameras for Parents
  • Covered Indoor Parking Garage; Secure Keyless Entry for Parents
  • Electronic Daily Reports
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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for a great first day!!! Sunny was so happy, she did sleep on the way home but woke up to eat with us and tell us all about her day and what happens to her food when she eats it (and tell us about her intestines) She fell asleep a tired and happy kiddo :) I feel so lucky to be able to bring her to such a nice place, thanks for making it possible for us.
  2. We are very happy to know that each day we go to work our daughter goes to a place where she is loved. The teachers have done a wonderful job in making us feel comfortable in leaving our 7 month old daughter in their care. Since we can’t be with her 24/7, we are glad they are there when we’re not. McKenzie is a happy baby and really enjoys the time she spends with Ms. April, Ms. Sheena and the staff at Olde City Day School. Thank you for all that you do for our family.
    Linsey and Joe
  3. First, my daughter is going to the new location in Germantown. I live in East Falls, so it is a quick 5 minute drive. I know of others who live in Manayunk who go there. The area around the building is not ideal but the space is huge and beautiful. It is an old warehouse that they transformed. Everything is brand new and the kids have plenty of space to run/walk/crawl around. There are limited windows but they get plenty of natural light. My daughter is in the infant room. What I really liked about it is that they had very few swings/bouncy chairs. It made me feel like my daughter was likely to get more interaction with the teachers. They have a crib for each child for which you provide the sheets. The best part about the room is that you can log in and watch what your child is doing. Each room has a video monitoring system that you can log onto through the internet. That was a big selling point for me. I love being able to turn on the video and see my daughter. Additionally, I go home with a complete log of my child’s activities for the day. It includes diaper changes, tummy time, naps and feedings. Finally, the staff I have met at the school seem to genuinely love children and I feel safe leaving my daughter here. In fact, some of the teachers have children at the school. Additionally, I know the daycare works with mothers who want to continue to use cloth diapers and they seem to be flexible with part-time schedules. Today I also found the covered parking so I don’t have to worry about getting in and out of the car in nasty weather or looking for parking.
  4. We had just about given up on the notion of finding quality daycare in Germantown/East Falls. Then, Olde City Day School opened almost as an answer to our prayers. After trying out three day care centers in the area—within 1 year—we were beginning to think our standards were too high. Maybe? But no way, our child’s well-being was at issue. We were determined to find a place that would be our childcare provider AND partner. Olde City Day School is an inspiring place to take our 2 year old son every day. He is happy to see and play with his friends in the morning and it’s even a challenge luring him away in the evenings. The colorful décor, natural light, high ceilings, clean and safe accommodations meet the highest standards. Jaimi and all of the teachers at Olde City Day School understand and successfully manage a range of personalities. We should know, our son definitely has a “personality” and we appreciate their commitment to partnership, as we discussed in our very first meeting. I love the offering of Mommy and Me classes and the Parents Association, which both help define our roles as parents within the day school environment. The communication is ideal for busy working professionals. We get book recommendations, personal updates, sentimental poems from time to time and the newsletter has wonderful information. Mommy can plug important dates like “wear Red day” right into her calendar! The food is healthy and nutritious. The kids-n-vue system gives us peace of mind and the opportunity to observe our son’s activities and behavior first hand, and on demand. In short, we love this place and are so very happy our family has found a home for our little bundle of joy! He is learning and growing so much! (a tear) THANK YOU!
    Gar & Nicole Giles