Our child centered approach to learning, focusing on nurturing and stable relationships, begins in our Infant classrooms and continues through Kindergarten. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and is designed to meet each child’s individual needs.

Ages & Stages

We pride ourselves on keeping your child engaged with
age appropriate learning and activities, closely tailored
to meet and  follow your child's growth and development.





At Olde City Day School, every infant is assigned a primary caregiver who is responsible for bonding with that child, giving him/her individual attention, developing a trusting relationship and attending to his needs. Our staff talks to children. They hold them. They hug them. They know that every infant has a different personality, different preferences and different rates of development.
Our infants are all on different schedules. Feeding and diapering time provide wonderful opportunities for conversation and connecting in a very positive way. Our environments include soft, cuddly toys; inviting, textured picture books; colorful and manipulative materials. All are chosen because they are purposeful, safe, enriching and entertaining.
We believe that parents are their child’s primary and most important teacher. Our staff works in partnership with parents to create the best experience for every child.
Our staff realizes that they have an important job. They enjoy the relationships that they develop with family members and they appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life.
Our preschool program uses a framework that captures children’s natural curiosity and interests while promoting social, emotional, language, reading, math, social studies, science, art and imaginative play skills. Teachers use a thematic approach based upon the interests of the children and a technique called webbing, units are developed.
While using learning centers and whole class activities that teach children to function in structured and unstructured groups, we still preserve a sense of community. Learning is individual and personal so we can meet the unique needs and learning styles of our children.
Developing emergent literacy skills is essential. A language/print rich environment is created giving children opportunities to identify words, to build vocabulary and to practice reading and writing. Learning takes place informally and in teacher directed small and large groups.
A child’s progress is discussed with parents on an informal, daily basis and a portfolio of their work is readily available. Formal conferences are held semi-annually to share each child’s progress in a more structured way and to develop future goals.
Olde City Day School provides programs before and after school, during holidays, emergency closings and summer camp. We pride ourselves on hosting a recreational and relaxed environment using a club format such as arts and crafts, soccer, cooking and ceramics. Designed to meet the social, recreational and educational needs of your child, we encourage the development of friendships and provide positive adult role models. Homework support is also available.
Enrollment in our day off program is limited. Priority is given to siblings of children who are currently/have previously attended our programs.
In our toddler program, we build warm, trusting and responsive relationships with children. We find that toddlers learn best when they are free to explore a safe and stimulating environment.
Teachers help children to develop life skills such as feeding, toileting, dressing which results in them feeling more independent and self-confident. We are work very hard to create a structured environment where our toddlers can experience routines each day such as story time, circle time, music and movement, etc.
Classrooms are organized into centers including art, music, language, literacy, dramatic play and exploration areas. Children choose an area and teachers act as facilitators guiding and maximizing each child’s experience.
As spontaneous situations arise, teachers use them for their educational value making the classroom a dynamic learning environment. A child’s progress is discussed with parents on an informal, daily basis and a portfolio of their work is readily available.

Our enrichment activities give children an opportunity to express themselves in new and creative ways.
While our enrichment activities vary from location to location, as well as season to season, some of them include:

Science with Nature Jack
 Soccer Shots
 Culinary Arts
Expressive Arts
 Intergenerational Program

By exposing the children to a variety of activities we're able to foster creativity and self confidence from within.